David Long has an ease and a grace in his mandolin playing that sets him apart from the average player. He’s always spot on with his feel and tone whether it be on a sweet country song, a rowdy blues or a standard like Bluegrass Breakdown. David’s eagerness for playing music is infectious and uplifting. 

Once I was in a jam session with David and I heard the bartender call out “if you don’t like this music you deserve to have your ears cut off.” That should give you a sense of the spirit that David puts in his music.

-- Caleb Klauder

David Long inspires me to keep trying to build better mandolins. His restless search for the authentic energy source of his music is what makes it special, raw and always fresh. My instruments eagerly await their instructions from a true Monroe disciple.

-- Steve Gilchrist

David is a trip in every possible way. I mean that with the utmost respect and honor. He sings tenor that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and he plays mandolin dirtier and with more honesty than anyone I know. And if you think that's where it stops, have him cook for you. Good grief. But most importantly, he's a wonderful friend. 

-- Scott Simontacchi

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